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Hot Stuff Dust Control


Calcium chloride, the familiar white material that melts ice and snow in winter, also helps control dust in summer. Road crews have used Hot Stuff calcium chloride flake to cure dust problems since the turn of the century.

Now you can do the same on:

Unpaved roads and driveways
Dirt paths and sidewalks
Sports fields and tracks
Horse rings and racetracks
Construction sites
Railroad beds

Unpaved surfaces generate dust when they dry out. Hot Stuff calcium chloride flake counters this by keeping them damp. Once it penetrates it attracts and holds moisture, even on hot, dry days. An application of Hot Stuff calcium chloride flake keeps the dust down.

1. Spread 2 pounds of Hot Stuff calcium chloride flake on each square yard of surface to be dustproofed

2. Dampen the area by watering lightly with a garden hose. You can use the surface immediately after watering.