Safe Pet Ice Melter

“A Proven Ice Melter that’s safer for Pets”


  • 123For use on sidewalks, driveways, and parking areas
  • 123Non-corrosive
  • 123Environmentally friendly
  • 123Prevents ice and snow from re-bonding
  • 123Will not burn or cause irritation
  • 123Strong package graphics
  • 1238lb. Easy-pour shakers, 20lb poly bags

Milazzo Industries, Inc., your complete source for a full line of snow and ice control products, now offers a product that is safe for pets. Qik Joe Safe Pet Ice Melt does not contain salt of any kind. It is environmentally safe, non corrosive, and contains no chlorides. Unlike so many other ice melting agents, Qik Joe Safe Pet will not burn or cause irritation to your pet. When used as directed, Qik Joe Safe Pet should not harm good quality air-entrained concrete, grass, shrubs or carpet.

Qik Joe Safe Pet won’t leave an oily, dirty residue. This product will prevent ice and snow from re-bonding, even at lower temperatures. Choose the ice melt that is backed by a company that prides itself on its high quality products, with a focus on customer satisfaction, service, and most importantly, safety. Choose Qik Joe Safe Pet Ice Melt, a product that not only melts ice, but provides peace of mind.