Sweeping Compounds

Your total solution for both residential and commercial applications is proud to offer our Qik Joe Sweeping Compound.

Milazzo Industries, Inc. has a reputation for only the highest quality products and that is true with our sweeping compound line. We utilize only the finest sawdust, oils, grade sand and wax to guarantee effective compounds that will collect and keep the dirt and dust down while cleaning your desired area. All of our sweeping compounds have a fresh wintergreen scent that will leave your work area clean and fresh.

we offer the following compounds to satisfy your desired application:

  • Sanded Oil Base(GREEN)
  • This product is for applications in any warehouse, manufacturing facilities, garages or workshops, rough concrete surfaces and unfinished wood floors.

  • Non Sanded Oil Base(RED)
  • This product is for use on floors that are sealed, painted or finished.

  • Wax Base(NATURAL)
  • This product contains no oils or sand and is safe for all floors.