About Us


Along River Road in the Port Blanchard section of Jenkins Township is the headquarters of Milazzo Industries, Inc.. The Milazzo name has been well known in business since 1929, when Carmen Milazzo traveled the streets of Browntown, in Pittston Township, selling fruits and vegetables from a horse-drawn buggy. He was known as a kind and friendly businessman, and was well respected by his customers for being both honest and dependable.

Changes in the economic climate over the past nine decades have taken the Milazzo family down countless entrepreneurial avenues. Following in his father's footsteps, Joe Milazzo, son of Carmen, continued serving the local business community from a horse and buggy. Rather than carry fruits and vegetables, Joe hauled coal ~ bagged coal.

Joe faced a growth spurt during the 1940's and 50's, and found it necessary to open a coal-bagging plant to meet the demand from his customers. In addition to the coal-bagging plant, Joe opened a chain of gas stations throughout Luzerne County.

In 1943, the Milazzo family opened the largest hardware store in Pittston. The store was fully stocked with paint and carpentry supplies, with anything and everything for the handyman and housewife. The hardware store was a mainstay of the community, and remained open until 1970.

After the death of Joe Milazzo in 1968, Sam Milazzo, current President of Milazzo Industries, expanded the manufacturing business. Sam introduced a new product invented in the early 1950's by his father Joe, Instant Light Charcoal. In 1969, Sam also introduced a new product to the public ~ Qik Joe Ice Melt.

The Agnes Flood ravaged Northeastern Pennsylvania and the entire Wyoming Valley in 1972, and took no exception to Milazzo Industries. Through hard work and determination, Milazzo Industries pushed ahead and overcame the flood and many obstacles the flood presented.

In 1984, Milazzo Industries was struck by a fire that totally decimated the manufacturing facility. Within one year of the fire, Milazzo Industries was back in full production as a reliable supplier.

Milazzo Industries was recognized in 1998 by fellow businesses and the Pittston Chamber of Commerce by being awarded the 1998 Small Business of the Year. The Milazzo family holds the same vision for success in the future. Milazzo Industries continually strives and successfully positions itself as a leading force with quality, integrity, and service as its primary focus and foundation.

Innovation, flexibility, understanding, and a firm commitment to its customers and markets they service are the key elements that distinguish Milazzo Industries from its competition. The Milazzo motto is "Focusing on the needs of today, with an eye on tomorrow."