Qik Joe Halite Rock Salt

An affordable, quality product. Qik Joe Halite Rock Salt Deicing Crystals effectively melt snow and ice while preventing ice formation.

Instant traction
Whether spread on sidewalks or poured around a tire stuck in the snow, Qik Joe Halite provides an immediate solution to “the slip”.

A reduction in the stress of shoveling
If a storm is on the way, consumers are encouraged to spread Qik Joe Halite prior to the snowfall. This creates a barrier between the surface and the precipitation, reducing ice formation under the

Reduced product caking and clumping
Enhanced with a special anti-caking agent, Qik Joe Halite will retain its product integrity, remaining easy-to-use well after the bag is opened.

Year-round uses
Qik Joe Halite may be used for a variety of purposes, some of which are outlined on the
back of the bag.

Available in sturdy poly bags: 25lb & 50lb