Milazzo Family of Products


Why do deicers perform differently?

Performance is affected by particle shape, size, heat of solution and ability or inability to attract water . . . plus, products work at different temperatures. Many firm’s claims can be somewhat misleading when they use “eutectic” temperature (the lowest temperature at which a solution will not freeze – in a “perfect” or lab situation) as a selling tool. At Milazzo Industries, we’re more concerned about what happens to your customer in the real world, at home or at work. We believe it’s more realistic to rely on “practical” temperature (the very lowest temperature at which melting will occur in a reasonable time). “Practical” temperature is a more accurate prediction of how ice and snow control products perform in actual weather conditions.

Milazzo Industries understands that customers want choices.Because we offer a multitude of products with varying levels of performance, you can rely on us for straight facts without smoke and mirrors. We maintain nearly half a million square feet on-the-floor packaged product. If you need a highly dependable supplier, sensitive to demand fluctuations due to even more unpredictable weather patterns, talk to us. With over 70 years of experience, we’re prepared to deliver the very best. Choose a company that prides itself on high quality products with a focus on customer satisfaction and service. Choose Milazzo Industries.


A Complete And Diverse Line

Our products incorporate the highest standards of quality and performance that assure the highest consumer satisfaction. In addition, we understand the needs of the retailer and the competitive nature of the products as well as the marketplace. Our program enables our retail partners to maintain the proper retail price point as well as strong margins.